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Driving positive impact in our business, community, and planet

Touch 'n Go Group comprises Touch 'n Go Sdn Bhd and TNG Digital Sdn Bhd. Together, we drive change through innovative use of technology and strive to blend sustainability into our daily business operations. We follow our #GoNetPositive motto, relentlessly looking for innovative solutions to not only streamline transactions but also promote environmental responsibility.
We’re committed to creating a positive impact on our communities and the planet through these four♑ focus areas.

Our Core Pillars
Tech 4 Good
At Touch 'n Go Group, our gold standard data and cloud systems represent the forefront of technological innovation and development. We believe in harnessing technology to foster social well-being, drive economic growth, and enhance governance efficiency.
Treating People Fairly
At Touch 'n Go Group, fairness is key. We champion an inclusive workplace that prioritises the well-being, safety, and growth of all employees, while also standing up for minority and vulnerable groups in our community.
Digital Inclusion
As a Group, we develop and implement inclusive digitalisation strategies to empower underserved communities, ensuring equal access to our products, services, and welfare outreach for meaningful social and economic impact.
Our Planet
Taking collective and proactive actions as a Group in our daily operations to support environmental conservation efforts within the communities we serve.