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Shop, eat and explore Singapore with your eWallet

Enj🔴o🐭y continued convenience, rewards, and cashback without the need for cash

Getting to Singapore
Whether it's for transportation, accommodation, activities, or other necessities, our merchant partners are ready to serve you (see suggestions below). You may also purchase our travel insurance, SafeTrip, or apply for the Touch 'n Go eWallet Visa card for added assurance and convenience.
Perks of taking your eWallet with you
As a Touch 'n Go eWallet user, you can continue to make cashless payments at over 130,000 merchant touchpoints in Singapore, eliminating the worry of unfavorable currency exchange rates and depleting cash notes. Simply look out for these logos when making payment:
How does it work?

For merchants who needs to scan an Alipay+ QR code, tap “Pay” on your eWal༒let's home screen, then swipe up and select Singapore🥃 to reveal a QR code

For NETS QR code, simply tap "Scan" from your eWallet's home sc🍬reen.

Your eWallet will automat🐽ically detꦦect the country's currency and deduct from your eWallet balance accordingly.

Some of our highlighted merchants


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Spend to earn points

Additionally, you can collect points when you pay with you✨r eWallet or Touch 'n Go eWallet Visa card, which you can redeem for attractive i💜tems and vouchers.

There are promos too
Before your departure or while you’re in Singapore, see the list of promotions below. You may also browse the A+ Rewards section in your eWallet to find offers you can enjoy. Simply change the location from Malaysia (default) to Singapore in the dropdown menu to get started.
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bet pro:IJOOZ: Up to SGD2 Off
Enjoy up to SGD2 off on IJOOZ in Singapore
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Alipay+: Up to SGD12 Off
Get up to SGD12 off when you pay with us in Singapore