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Listen for incoming payments with Soundbox

Tired of fake payment screens and constant phone-checking for confirmation? Soundbox removes that hassle and worry.
Elevate business transactions with Touch ‘n Go eWallet Soundbox
Compact, lightweight and sleek, the Soundbox is a perfect companion for any business. Linked to your eWallet account, this device will notify you in real-time of payments as they come in English, Malay or Chinese. This is a good way to beat the ‘fake payment screen’ scam that is going around.
Which Soundbox is for you?

Available in Wi-Fi and SIM card models, you can choose between owning🅠 the device outright or through a monthly subscription plan. Both models will come with your QR code and a standee.


Wi-Fi model

Subscription at RM10/month (for 24 months)

One-time purchase at RM260


SIM card model

Subscription at RM18/month (for 24 months)

One-time purchase at RM340

Convenient and Secure
Comes with 3 language settings: English, Malay and Chinese
Listen for incoming payments in real-time
Soundbox protects your business! Say bye to scam!
Soundbox’s effectiveness against scams
We ran a small social experiment to see if merchants notice customer payments and are aware of the 'fake payment screen' scam. Tap to watch and see if you do better than these merchants and learn how Soundbox helps beat the scam.

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