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Breaking barriers and empowering lives

Discover how we are forging a digitally inclusive economy where everyone can thrive.
Transforming financial inclusion
Since its establishment in 2017, TNG Digital has been dedicated to empowering Malaysians through financial accessibility and inclusivity to enrich their lives. Our eWallet goes beyond mere payments, utilising cutting edge technology and strategic alliances to drive the nation towards a cashless society. Simultaneously, we nurture a digitally inclusive economy where both users and small business owners can flourish through our three Es strategy: Engaging with stakeholders, Enabling affordable access, and Empowering with trusted and safe financial solutions.

Our financial inclusion products

GO+ | Microsavings

GO+ offers sustainable financial growth through a low-risk, Shariah-compliant Money Market Investment, managed by Principal Asset Management Berhad, allowing users to earn daily returns. Launched in 2020, GO+ is our first financial services product, designed to encourage more people to save, particularly among underserved communities. With a low minimum requirement of just RM10, anyone can start saving while enjoying the same flexibility to utilise their balance like a regular eWallet balance.

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3.5 million users
earning daily returns as of December 2023

GOinvest | Microinvestment

GOinvest initiated the investment offering in collaboration with Principal Asset Management in 2022, followed by Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad joining a year later. Integrated within the eWallet, GOinvest allows users to start investing with as little as RM10, making investment seamless, hassle-free and easy. This opens investing to everyone, whether you’re new to it or just want to start small.

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Over 580,000 users
have accounts with GOinvest as of December 2023

GOprotect | Microinsurance & Microtakaful

GOprotect offers six insurance products directly from the eWallet through partnerships with AIA, Allianz, Etiqa, MSIG, Takaful Ikhlas, Takaful Malaysia and Zurich Takaful. This one-stop hub began with CarInsure for insurance and takaful plans, including road tax renewal, and has expanded to include WalletSafe for added eWallet protection, SafeTrip for domestic and international travel insurance, MotoInsure for motorcycle insurance, SafeHome for home and contents insurance and Insure360 for critical illnesses and medical plans. Additionally, we have supported Perlindungan Tenang, a government initiative aimed at extending social safety nets to the B40 group.

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Over 3.1 million
policies since 2021
Approximately 760,000 policies
issued through Perlindungan Tenang

GOpinjam | Microfinancing

GOpinjam, in collaboration with CIMB and accessible through TNG eWallet, offers tailored microloans to the underbanked and underserved. Our lending feature lets users borrow from as low as RM100 up to a maximum of RM20,000, with flexible repayments spanning from 1 week up to 24 months. Upon approval, the funds are disbursed directly to the user's eWallet or bank account. GOpinjam is open to Malaysians aged 21 to 60 with a minimum monthly income of RM1,400 and above, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of individuals.

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30% of users receiving approved loans
without prior credit bureau under tranditional banking system

GOremit | Remittances

Launched in May 2023, GOremit makes it easy for our users to send money internationally to over 50 countries. Users can send funds directly to recipients' bank accounts, eWallets, or arrange for cash pickup, all at competitive exchange rates. This helps bridge the gap in financial access, allowing people in remote areas or without traditional banking access, including foreign workers, to send funds overseas or to their home country for savings or family support.

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Processed over 120,000 transactions
to over 50 countries as of March 2024

Social safety net

In line with our commitment to social responsibility, we’ve launched initiatives to support the B40 community using the flexibility of TNG eWallet. Through Dana Rahmah, we aim to raise RM2.8 million in donations to provide insurance coverage to approximately 70,000 B40 Malaysians in partnership with Allianz and Yayasan Prihatin Nasional.

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Aim to raise RM 2.8 million
in donations to provide 70,000 B40 Malaysians with free insurance plans
Merchant ecosystem

Merchant Dashboard

In the third quarter of 2020, we introduced Merchant Dashboard to our merchant partners. Integrated within TNG eWallet, it serves as a complete business solution tool, enabling merchants to:
  • - Track sales transactions
  • - Receive daily settlement reports
  • - Assign up to 3 staff per outlet to receive sales notifications
  • - Monitor sales for up to 90 days
  • - Generate payment links or receive payment via QR code
Merchant Dashboard is free and offers seamless toggling between personal and business accounts, eliminating the need for a separate app.

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More than 220,000 non-urban area
mechants have been onboarded

Seamless Payroll Solutions

Financial inclusion extends beyond Malaysians to migrant workers as well, and we're dedicated to meeting their needs too. This is a game changer for these workers as they can easily register for an account with just an original passport via their mobile phone. They can receive transfers from over 30 banks in Malaysia and apply for Touch ‘n Go eWallet Visa card for cash withdrawals at any ATM. Our payroll solutions allow businesses to pay their migrant workers and part-timers through their existing cash management system or banking portal, without the need for deploying a separate one.

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RM 17 million in payroll funds disbursed
to foreign worker accounts as of December 2023
Our financial institution partners