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Live your life on the go

Touch ꦡ‘n Go eWallet app allows you to take all your retail needs online! Order food delivery, buy tickets to your next getaway or w🦹eekend activity, upgrade your app collection or even shop on one of the biggest e-commerce platform in Malaysia all through the app!

Online purchases

Your onli🤡ne shop൩ping experience has just gotten better with a simple and secure purchase process


There is no longer a need toℱ le🥃ave your home and face crowds when it all can be done through your phone


Have access to som🌱e of Malaysia’s most sought after brands and stor🅰es when you shop through the Touch ‘n Go eWallet app

Seamless funds transfer via DuitNow Transfer

You can now enjoy the convenience of transferring funds from participating banks directly to the eWallet account of loved ones si🧸mply by entering their mobile phone number or eWallet account number.


Take your purchases online