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Driving change. Steering innovation.


Leading the way to a cashless society

Touch ’n Go is the cornerstone of the digital transformation within Malaysia’s mobility ecosystem, pioneering seamless consumer experiences for millions across the nation. At the forefront of the Fintech revolution, our every effort enhances how this nation lives, works and plays.
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Give the gift of insurance to the B40 community

We aim to support 70,000 Malaysians through our Dana Rahmah. Join us together with Allianz Malaysia and Yayasan Prihatin Nasional in making a difference.

Touch ‘n Go today

Touch ‘n Go Cards sold
Reload points nationwide
Train stations and buses enabled
Parking sites nationwide enabled
RFID Tags on the road
Highways enabled

Find out more about how we’re meeting your daily needs

Toll Everything you need to whizz past the toll gates
Parking Pay for parking across the major cities and suburbs
Transit Ease your journey on train, bus and flight
Financial Access helpful financial services at your fingertips
Businesses Personalise membership card

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